DMP4X is a manager software to configure and ease the use of the Dension DMP3 (in-car) MP3 player.
As it uses Trolltech's Qt library it supports Linux, MacOS X and Windows.

This website is still under construction! The main project page can be found here:
(Project status: 2 - Pre-Alpha, 3 - Alpha, 4 - Beta)


Dension DMP3 player
Qt Development Framework


Playlist Editor - 4 Load Playlist... MyRadio Editor - 4
Playlist Editor Load Playlist... MyRadio Editor
Display Editor - 3 Save Display... Logo Editor - 3
Display Editor Save Display... Logo Editor
Config Editor (Standalone) - 2 Config Editor (Playmode) - 2 Config Editor (Setup) - 2
Configuration Editor (Standalone) Configuration Editor (Playmode) Configuration Editor (Setup)
Messages Editor - 4 Update - 4 Options
Messages Editor Update Options

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